As a small update, Brightword Lite is available in the app store for free now! It has all the speed-reading features of Brightword without any limitations! If you later decide to switch from Brightword Lite to Brightword (to get rid of ads), then that is no problem either: your reading stack will be the same thanks to both apps common iCloud storage!

Both Brightword 1.1 and Brightword Lite 1.1 also feature some improvements – thanks @tscholak! Highlighting works better now, importing web-sites/articles shows the content immediately, and text extraction has been refined.

Speaking of free: I open sourced LibDocument, which is a tree-like document and trie processing library. LibDocument is written in C and can be included in C, C++, and Objective-C projects for Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux. In fact, LibDocument is being used in both BioInterchange (OS X, Linux; compiled with Python 3 API) as well as Brightword (iOS; compiled without Python 3 API). Should you be working a lot with JSON or JSON-LD (JSON Linked Data), then LibDocument might be for you!

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