This week I released my second commercial product: Brightword for iPhone and iPad. Brightword was designed to solve one of my own problems: How can I keep up with all the tech news and articles around me? I essentially needed an app that helps me with speed reading and skimming, which supports me in picking interesting reads, and it also needed to seamlessly sync between my iPhone and iPad. Brightword performs all three of these tasks!

Brightword creates a distraction-free reading environment by importing only the main contents from news and articles. On top of that, Brightword uses Natural Language Processing techniques to emphasize parts of speech and it also highlights IT buzzwords, products, companies, and cities/countries. This makes speed reading and skimming of tech news/articles much easier for me!

How to manage a reading stack though? Picking interesting reads is simple with Brightword too! Brightword summarizes buzzwords, products, etc., in a reading stack, so that it only takes me a glance to choose the most interesting reads based on their summaries.

Last, but not least, Brightword synchronizes content between devices using iCloud. This means I can populate the reading stack whilst on-the-go with my iPhone, then later go through the reading stack on the couch with my iPad. It is convenient!

Sounds good, but not good enough? Give me a shout – I still have some promotional codes available for free.

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